Think Baby, Think Petit Love.

At Petit Love, we have everything you need for your child, from baby products, to clothing, linen, toys, furniture and accessories. We are committed to bring you exclusive, quality products to cater for your every need. Find us in the Cape Quarter in the heart of Cape Town, in Stellenbosch, or shop online. Our range of high-end baby products capture the joy and charm of motherhood, whilst retaining a sophisticated look and feel.

Petit Love Clothing

We aim to set the trend for exclusive baby wear. We house brands that fit within our niche, high-end product profile. These brands cater for ages 0 to 4 years and include designer brands such as Sticky Fudge, Lief and Poogy Bear.

Petit Love Gift Ideas

Our toys are superior quality products from local and international suppliers with both educational and entertainment options. Find something unique and exclusive for all age ranges in this one stop shop.

Our range of transport items currently includes Stokke, Quinny, Bebe Comfort and Maxi Cosi products. The brands represented are industry leaders, high quality, practical and versatile in design and functionality. 

Petit Love Gift Ideas

Our maternity range was engineered to be worn throughout pregnancy and to revolutionise breastfeeding in public. The pregnancy items will meet the pregnancy challenges by helping women feel comfortable, look beautiful and stay fashionable. 

Our wide range of furniture has a distinct air of sophistication and class with many colour and design variations to suit your decor. Our in-house team have a lot of experience  with baby rooms and are  available for consultations to assist in the preparation for your special arrival.

Petit Love Gift Ideas

Our best sellers are an excellent example for great gift ideas. We also offer a unique service to customers, helping you find the unique gift that suits the profile of the recipient.