It’s an incredible thing to see a person’s face light up at the idea of fairy tales. It doesn’t matter how old, or who, they are. We all grew up listening to stories of princes and princesses and castles in faraway lands. As well as the many adventures of good defeating evil, and hardships which ultimately become happy endings. We all love to be transformed and taken into the world of make-believe.


You’re Never Too Old for Fairy Tales

The same is true for a brand and retail. When you walk into a store, browse online, or scroll through social media, you want to feel exactly the same. You want to be taken into an environment where you can feel the story of that brand come alive.

At Petit Love, we wanted to achieve just that. And so, we made it our mission to bring The Fairy Tale to life, through our Spring Summer Collection for 2018. We want your heart to skip a beat when you wander into Petit Love stores. We want you to feel butterflies in your stomach when you unwrap a Petit Love gift at your baby shower. And, we want to create magic on the first pages of your little one’s fairy tale with a Petit Room design.


In essence, we hope that altogether these experiences will transport you into your own little bubble of love, adventure, family and dreams.



Baby Room insperation


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Butterfly Mobile


Once Upon a Time

A few months ago, we started the journey of crafting our Fairy Tale Collection, and it all started with an image of these beautiful pink and blue clouds:



Children's room inspiration


Their simplicity was breathtakingly beautiful. And, even more wonderfully, they were inspired by something we see every day – the sky above us. The element of make-believe was added into the image with pops of colour.

We started to brief our designers and suppliers to use fairy tales as inspiration for the range, using pink and blue as the base. They were encouraged to add their own creative touch using luxury fabrics and prints. We also spent some time exploring the high streets of Paris, Milan and London to set a benchmark against international trends and visuals.



Seasonal Pixie Dust

The launch to our season, we started off with our showcase at Decorex Johannesburg. There, we brought the same elements of the clouds with bright, playful paint colours and paired them with statement pieces.


Nursery Insperation


These elements are more visual through with the Jayden Cot and Rose Compactum by Baby Belle. Alongside layered items, created by Hertex Fabrics. The show stopper was definitely a competition between our Bright Boysenberry Napier Rocker and the oversized Grand Butterfly mobile. Proudly, these are both Petit Rooms custom pieces.


Happily Ever After

You’ll notice the collection in our 3 stores; Canal Walk, Cape Quarter and Stellenbosch. They all have a version of the oversized butterfly mobile, and carefully considered Baby Belle furniture pieces. And, custom Petit Rooms items. Not forgetting, of course, the image that started the story, the pink and blue clouds that are front and centre in our main windows.


Baby clothing store


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