So as the Easter Bunny collects a basket of choclate eggs and hides them around the garden…so someone who is 8 1/2 months pregnant does collection and distribution in preparation for no2.

Lists, OH so many lists. Baby needs list, hospital list, things to remember list, things not to forget list. Then the organising of what is on the list(sssssss). A baby bag, A hospital bag an in case bag.   Its enough to make the OCD crack and the non OCD empathise…I mean list for lists, to organise, to pack to potentially take or not take 🙂

Besides this it is that time of the year where Easter is actually real and it is my ABSOLUTE favourite time of the year…whats not to love about choclate in the form of delicious white hens eggs, solid bunny rabbits (specifically the gold ones), the marshmallow choclate eggs (now also in white chocolate ) readily available. I mean you can totally over indulge for the entire easter, you will have 11 months to work it off right?

As for the little ones, Isla is too small to “find” eggs but she TOTALLY shares the absolute joy these little choclate numbers bring to life. Whilst indulging in one, for a full 45min all you hear the whole way through is mmm, mmm, mmm. Additionally the comprehension of what this actually is is so evident that a full blown tantrum ensues if she sees one and cannot have one. I have now turned into the Easter bunny ensuring these are well hidden away…if I am good enough, perhaps we will find a little surprise next year!