Can you hear it too? It’s the sounds of Petit Love’s Birthday Bash, and the entire Jellycat soft toys collection is invited! It’s going to be a room full of bright colours, brilliant patterns, pointed beaks, soft paws, adorable faces, feathered creatures and squishable characters … but who’s your favourite of the bunch? Some of our team gave us the inside of scoop on which little toy critter makes their ‘you’re definitely coming to my party’ list:

Caryn – Flora Flamingo


Toy Flamingo


Flora Flamingo is the supermodel of the Jellycat crew – who wouldn’t want her at their party? Her long legs, and sharp features are just too beautiful!”


Khanyi – Brown Bunny


Toy Bunny


“I mean, look at this bunny! He’s so cute!! I especially like him because he makes such a great gift for babies that are arriving as a surprise. He’s a nice colour for both girls and boys.”



Melissa – Bashful Zebra


Toy Zebra


“The Jellycat Zebra is one of my faves! I like his high contrast patterns, especially because they’re black and white and easy for newborns to see! Learning and stimulation is wonderful.”



Noxee & Erin – The Jellycat Monkey


toy moneky


“We’re sharing the Jellycat Monkeys as our favourites, because we both adore them! They kind of act as reminder, even for adults, that sometimes it’s good to be a little cheeky, have fun and hang around. And, they’re also the Zodiac sign for intelligence – so that’s cool!”


Victoria – Fuddlewuddle Lion


toy lion

“Of course Fuddlewuddle the Lion is on my guest list! I think that this Jellycat reminds us to be brave, bold but still to be soft, and cuddly when the time is right!”


Mia – Fluffles the Giraffe

Toy Giraffe

“I’ve loved Fluffles the Giraffe since she came to Petit Love! She gives me a little confidence boost and motivates me to aim high, walk tall and … haha … to get spotted!”


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