Experience is gained through activity for kids…for us adults we think its a bit of a different story, but is it? I thought we have it tough but I’m starting to see a whole new world of anxiety, frustration, curiosity and fun through Isla.

Isla is officially a toddler and with it comes its own highs and lows…more in the form of on the couch (high) and in the gutter (low); or emotionally laughing (high) and the next minute a good old cry (low). This I understand is an explorative phase for children and it is vital for their childhood development.

This got me thinking that people, even little people, so critically need positive messages and fun to explore a world in which they gain  life experience. So I let Isla play, explore and try things out for herself. I believe that dirt is good, outside is inside and offline is online.

It is through her anxiety, frustration, curiosity and fun that I have learnt a thing or two…everyday learning through activity is also a possibility for us. She shares ideas, in her own non-verbal way, and is the inspiration that sparks creativity and adventure for me…

So for us we will start this year:

  1. Creating explorative opportunities
  2. Refresh wardrobes…for our little explorer.
  3. Experience through activity