Look, for anyone that knows me…I love an event! Whether it’s a birthday (mine or anyone else’s), Christmas, a baby shower… you name it, if it calls for celebration, I will celebrate it. So, why NOT Valentine’s day?

Many will argue it’s because of its commercialization…yet Christmas, which gets advertised from October, is not seen in this same light. I think it has become easy to dislike this heart-hazed day because it creates a microscope on Love, your love, their love, everyone’s love. It’s a “show and tell” kind of day… but love is such a complex and beautiful thing that I don’t believe it should not be for all to see. So, my advice is, make it intimate, forget about others, and see the great celebration that could be had… and perhaps slowly we can save the day!

For some a gift is an expression of love, but for me it is WAY more than that. It shows an understanding of someone else, perhaps an appreciation, but ultimately, for me, it is about what you experience in that moment of delight for someone else. Selecting, wrapping and giving is all part of this beautiful process, and who better for than my daughter Isla. She is only one, but full of beans! Although she may not be able to appreciate what she receives to its full extent, unless its food of some sort, I believe she is part of something bigger than just the gift. It’s the feelings associated, parent and child.

By Betty Hardcastle