The Magic of Childhood

Petit Love Doll house

Our Story

As parenting partners, we believe that every milestone can be paved with incredible cuteness.

In 2010, we took our first steps as we opened our dollhouse store, nestled in the heart of Stellenbosch.

Today, we’re delighted to play a small part in the stories of little generations across the globe.


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The Team

Betty Hardcastle

Betty, one of Petit Love’s co-owners, is most inspired in a startup environment, as she feels that it resonates with her love of retail, especially because it allows every day to be a fresh start. She lives by the mantra “execution is strategy”, which reflects her enthusiasm for problem-solving and desire to maximise business performance.

Angé Baard

Angé, one of Petit Love’s co-owners, lives by the principles of Systems Thinking, Lean Methodology and Design Thinking. She wholeheartedly believes in developing New Ways of Work that will empower the team to better understand the needs of the customer, and views all feedback as an opportunity to further inspire the retail landscape.

Paton Raman

Paton has bundles of energy when it comes to creating customer experiences and visual merchandising magic that will be remembered for years to come. He consistently strives to push the Petit Love team, and himself, forward into a brighter, more innovative, more goosebumps-worthy future.

Aimee Baard

Aimee embraces the ethos, “excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude”, and her passion is to design seamless operations that will continue to position Petit Love as an industry leader in all things baby, luxury and lifestyle. Most importantly, she believes that the customer should sit at the heart of every brand decision.

India Stone

India is a storyteller at heart, and is most motivated at the prospect of creating visual and written content that will make an audience stop, stare, and read it again and again. She has a drive for developing and delivering one-of-a-kind communication strategies that contribute to telling impactful, timeless brand narratives.

The Store Team

Petit Love Team