Nowadays, there is a growing need for parents to become aware and take heed of the importance of their children’s future in our ever-changing world …

Instead of parents wondering how to keep up with their children in the 21st century they need to be mindful of the changes and challenges that their children may face in today’s complex, interwoven and multifaceted world. Instead of viewing change in mechanistic terms like those in prior centuries, there is a shift in focus. Children need to learn how to recognise, analyse, and respond to a web of relationships.

As early as our children’s pre-school years, we may need to consider pushing our children’s skills beyond the congenital measures of success and achievement and emphassze the need for children to be flexible, to be problem solvers and good communicators, so that they can adapt and change accordingly.

During the past decade certain jobs have become obsolete owing to the ever-increasing technological advances and some jobs in the future may eventually become automated.